Scuba Diving

Daily dive plan

* local dives in the morning
* Local dives in the afternoon
* Night Dive
* Excursions to the Islands near Bayahibe
* Dive boat Charter
* Equipment rental

PADI Courses

PADI Scuba Diver Course
* 1 day course or relaxed 2 days: theory session, training in confined water and 2 dives
PADI Open Water Diver Course
* 3 to 4 day course: theory session, training in confined water and 4 dives
Adventure Course
* 1 day course incl. 3 dives: poss. deep, boat, navigation, night, wreck, scooter, photo...
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course
* 2 days incl. 5 dives: Deep Dive, Navigation Dive, Night Dive, Wreck Dive, Scooter Dive
PADI Rescue Diver Course
PADI Dive master Course

Program for non divers

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program - DSD Program
Three easy steps during the half day program:
* First we provide a brief orientation.
* Than take your first adventure in shallow water. There you´ll learn to use scuba equipment and get accustomed to your new surrounding.
* Finally under your instructor´s careful supervision you´ll go on an actual scuba dive at a wonderful coral reef.

Scuba Diving in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

For scuba diving in Punta Cana we work together with Global Divers. Global Divers is one of the market leaders on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in both Punta Cana and Bavaro. Global Divers is recognised as one of the best watersports companies in the Caribbean. Global Divers operates from the Barcelo Dominican Beach resort, but are also welcoming clients of the other hotels in the Bavaro/Punta Cana area. Global Divers is a member of the international PADI association and provides highly professional standards.

Dive Sites

Punta Cana - local dives

Punta Cana has a large number of local dive sites. Most sites are not deep (max. 18m - 40ft). Punta Cana is a good place to discover scuba diving and to do your open water course.

Dive trips to Bayahibe

The fisherman village Bayahibe is the best starting point for diving in the Dominican Republic. In front of this small village begins the Parque Nacional del Este. This park was declared a protected area in September 1975. Among its ecosystems are sea grass beds, mangrove forests, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, moist and dry subtropical deciduous forests, salt tolerant plant communities and important for us divers coral reefs. In the reefs you can see lobster, eagle rays, manatees, whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles & much more. We reach the reefs in only 5 to 30 min. by boat. The depth range from 30 to 100 ft. The sea is always calm and good visibility -up to 120 ft- is guaranteed around the year.

Wreck of the Saint George
decending-on-a-local-dive-in-Punta-Cana St-George-Wreck-Dive-excursion-from-Punta-Cana St-George-up-to-40m-deep-dive reef-dive-Punta-Cana-sholes-of-fish

Scuttled to give an artificial reef the 240 ft steel freighter stands upright in the sand providing a new home for the marine life. Max. depth 120 ft.

Catalina Island - The Wall

One of the best spots of the Dominican Republic for divers and for snorkelers is The Wall in front of Catalina Island only 30 min away by boat. The Wall is a drop off, falling down to 300 ft. You can see black corals at about 80 ft.
The top of The Wall is full of marine life: corals and sponges in all colors, shapes and sizes, elk-horn corals and myriad of colorful Caribbean fishes in shallow water. You can enjoy them just with snorkeling gear ( 6´to 15´)



Catalinita Island - Shark diving

For the advanced divers the dive sites near the small island Catalinita are an exciting experience with black tip sharks, hammerheads and big rays.


Saona Island - Big fish

In front of Saona Island, the largest of the three islands, we have a dive site with ledges where nurse sharks are often seen sleeping in the shadow under the overhangs; a strong current makes great drift dives possible.


Dive sites in the National park Bayahibe

sholes-of-fish-scuba-diving-punta-cana sting-ray-encounter-scuba-diving-punta-cana lobster-encounter-scuba-diving-punta-cana

corals-scuba-diving-punta-cana sponges-scuba-diving-punta-cana