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Tour Details:

No minimum or maximum age. We need a minimum of 8 bookings to depart.


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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06:45: pick up in Hotel
09:00: arrival in Mitches
09:15: boarding the boat
09:15: whales encounter
12:30: return Mitches
12:30: Lunch in beach ranch
13:30: Departure back to Bayahibe
16:30: arrival in Bayahibe

The time table can change based on weather and circumstances.
What is included:

* transport from hotel to Mitches
* coffee & snack on arrival Mitches
* guide services
* all drinks during the day
* lunch

Please bring:

* sunscreen lotion
* shoes for the beach
* a T-shirt for sun protection
* camera
* binocullars

Pricing (per person):

 Adult  < 12yr < 3yr
$139 $75 free

Special discount for groups > 8 (email us). Full price list

More info & bookings:


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Whale Watching from Punta Cana

Available from 15 January to 15 March

Eco-Tour with trained Seavis guide

A close encounter with the majestic Humpback Whales in the bay of Samana


The humpback whales are regular visitors in the Bay of Samana. Every year from mid-January until mid-March these huge mammals leave the Arctic to mate and give birth in the protected bay along the Dominican Republic’s east coast. The first of the “snowbirds” traveling seasonally to the Dominican Republic, the whales have been wintering in this region for centuries. This is evidenced by old Taino cave paintings in the nearby "Los Haitises" National Park which depict blowing whales.

The humpback whale is a water mammal known for their liveliness and their singing. They can attain a length of 15 metres and weight of up to 30 tons. Their huge front flippers (pectoral fins) can reach one-third of their body length for an impressive display. Before diving, humpback whales bend their backs in the form of a hump and lift their tails high out of the water, hence their name.

Humpback-Whale-in-bay-of-Samana Whale-excursion-boat

There are few things as exciting as watching free-range whales. You can join us on an expedition to trace and observe these animals from close range, however to ensure the whales’ survival, we adhere to strict guidelines and directives. Our staff participates yearly in the training programs given by CEBSE (the Center for Conservation and Eco-Development Samana and its Environs). It is due to maintaining these guidelines each year that the whales—especially the juveniles—become more bold and accustomed to the boats and their joyful behavior can be seen from our excellent vantage point. We have adopted strict minimum distances to ensure the safety of both the whales and the boat passenger.

Lob Tailing Whale Jumping Whale Fin Tailing Whale


The buses leave early from the hotels in Punta Cana and Bavaro to take you safely to Miches, a 2 hour drive through the Dominican countryside away. On arrival in Miches you will be given coffee, a snack and a short briefing before we board the motor catamaran and the adventure begins. Through close contact with the captains of other boats in the area, a reporting system is developed. During the season, an average of 300 whales enters the bay of Samana each day. It is very rare that no sighting is recorded on any one day. By around 12:30 we are back in Miches where you are invited to lunch and can spend some time at the seaside ranch. By departing at approximately 2 pm, we will be back in Punta Cana at around 4:30 pm.

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