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Leaving BayahibeAll the tours we do are per speedboat and all start in Bayahibe. The tours start at 08:30am; we like to leave early in order to be ahead of the crowd all day. After leaving Bayahibe we will enter the Parque Nacional del Este.
The wall - close upCatalina VIP: After 20 minutes we will reach "The Wall". The Wall is considered one of the best snorkeling and diving sites of the DR. Here we snorkel of the boat; we will stay +- 30 minutes.
Penon - close upCrusoe VIP / 2-Island tour: We proceed along the coast line of the National Park and after 20 minutes we will reach the rocks of Penon; once home of the Tainos. The guide will explain you interesting facts about the history of Hispaniola. When lucky, we can see the iguanas that inhabit the area, which can grow up to 2 ft long (60 cm).
Piscina - close up Crusoe VIP / 2-Island tour: On the way to the "Catuano Channel" we stop at the "Piscina Natural", the "natural swimming pool": a large sand bank which is well known for the indigenous starfish. The water is shallow, never more than waist deep; the color of the water is fascinating (unreal) turquoise and blue.
Mangroves - close upCrusoe VIP / 2-Island tour: After 30 minutes of 'bathing' we go along the Mangroves, the nursery of the ocean with numerous small fish and sea creatures. You will be able to observe frigate birds and pelicans nesting in the mangroves. After the mangroves the Crusoe VIP will leave the main land and will cross the Catuano Channel to the island Saona....The 2 Island Tour will enter the Bay of Calderas...
Mano Juan - close upCrusoe VIP: Next stop is Mano Juan, the fishermen village on Saona Island with 300 inhabitants (no cars, no electricity, very picturesque). You will have time to visit the village or swim at the nice beach. The guide takes you on an Island Safari and shows you how the people live with very limited resources. We will enjoy the barbecue here.
Canto - close upCrusoe VIP: We then take you to the highlight of the excursion, the untouched Caribbean beach "Canto de la Playa": white sand, crystal clear water in its most beautiful colors. You will have the complete afternoon for relaxing on the beach, swimming and snorkeling in the coral gardens. This place comes close to Paradise.
Catalinita2-Island tour: After leaving the bay we go Eastwards towards the Atlantic Ocean. Catalinita is a small uninhabited Island on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Catalinita is famous with divers for the encounters with sharks and rays. We will leave the boat on a huge sandbank and we will spend some time around the Island. You can swim, snorkel, or just relax.
Catamaran beachHere are the beaches where all catamaran guests are going. We pass these beaches, because we want to stay clear of the crowds.
Saona_aerial2-Island tour: We will leave the boat at Saona. A buffet lunch will be served and you can spend the afternoon as you wish. Saona is beautifull: large palms, white sand and turquois water. Everything you expect from the Caribbean.. Snorkeling from the beach is great at 'The Piers". Around 16.30h we will pack up and go back to Bayahibe.
The park is one of eleven national parks in the Dominican Republic. Saona and Catalinita and the surrounding waters belong to the park. Our tours are almost totally inside the borders of the park.
Shark - RayJust south-west of Catalinita we will reach Cayo Raton. Here you can snorkel with the rays and sometimes sharks in the open ocean!!! The guide will give you instruction. Let the current take you over the amazing reefs. The boat will follow and when you get tired you can climb aboard again. ....
CatalinaCatalina is an Island popular with divers and snorkelers. We will go off board. Just in front of the beach is 'The Aquarium" a prime snorkeling spot that can be explored from the beach. After 2 hours we will board the boat again to go to the main Island.....
ChavonThe river Chavon flows through a beautiful gorge...The jungle-like setting has been the film set for Apocalypse Now and Rambo III. We will cruise the rivier as far as possible..
Cruise portWe will visit the cruise port of La Romana. Huge cruiseships anchor here in season. Our boat seems very small next to these cities of the ocean.
Casa de CampoCasa de Campo is the most expensive property development of the Caribbean. Here we will pass the houses of Madonna, the late Micheal Jackson and Shakirra. The yachts in the marina are amazing....
frigate - close upThe Bay of Calderas is something special. We are the ONLY tour operator with permisson from the park authorities to enter the area with specially prepared boats. In the breeding season (December to April) we'll visit the breeding colonies of the Frigate birds. We can come into meters from the nesting areas and the birds are huge with a wing span up to 230 cm (91 inch). The male birds display their red pouch, which is inflated like a balloon in the breeding season.